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There is no denying that growing on youtube is currently very difficult for new users. Mainly due to the growing number of users uploading content on the platform, but also due to the algorithm changes made by youtube. You are a very small fish in a sea the size of the universe. The amount of competition is enormous, and still growing with the increasing popularity with the internet.

Is that to say you can’t become the next Pewdiepie or VanossGaming?

Of course it doesn’t!

There are thousands of fresh content creators growing huge fan bases every single day solely through the Youtube platform.

When you realise that Youtube is actually just a huge search engine (Like Google or Yahoo), and expand your knowledge on how you can use the algorithm in your favour, it will feel like a piece of cake.

Here are the secrets to getting more views on youtube in 2019


Such a simple method, but everybody forgets to exploit it. Do you remember when the fidget spinner was a huge topic of conversation back in 2016? Riding the wave of a trend like that is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your videos. Why? Simply because that’s what people are searching for on the internet at that point in time.

The best way of finding out what is currently trending is by simply analysing every single conversation you have with people. If more than one person talks about the same thing, it is likely going to be the topic of conversation between millions around the world. You have to apply some common sense to this method, don’t start uploading videos about how “Becky (your friend) cheated on Brad (Her boyfriend)” just because more than one person started talking about it. However you keep hearing references that sound something like this “omg, did you see Game of Thrones last night! It was amazing!” Then best bet says you should probably create content around this topic and upload it whilst the trend is nice and juicy.

Other methods of finding a trending topic is to just do a bit of research.

Don’t be lazy, pull out your laptop and start searching. After about 10 minutes of browsing the web and social media platforms, I assure you that you’ll find something!


How many times have you been on youtube to find out how to do something. Whether that be “how to make a cracking chocolate cake” to “how to get to round 100 on cod zombies” it doesn’t matter. Morale of the story is you clicked on these videos because you were in search of valuable content. A 5 min video, that you can access for free in a few clicks of your mouse to solve all of your problems. How great is that?! You are not the only person that does this either. To be honest, I think if someone told me they haven’t ever searched and watched a “how to” video, I would call them a liar. So instead of sitting back and letting these other channels steal all of the viewers, jump on the bandwagon. Find something you know really really well. Then educate people on it. Simple rite?


As I mentioned earlier, youtube is a search engine and should be treated as such. This means you need to optimise your: content, tags, titles, descriptions and so on. To rank highly within the search results you need to prove to youtube that your video is relevant. Start by doing some keyword research.

Put yourself in the eyes of the viewer. Think “Would this title entice me to click on the video?”. If it doesn’t, then how do you expect other people to react when they see it? Your title needs to be descriptive and rich with appropriate keywords. The same applies for the description and tags. Employees at youtube do not go through checking every single video on youtube to see where it should appear in the search results. All of this process is fulfilled by robots. They scan your video and the titles, tags and description to get an understanding of what your content is trying to get across. So make sure you get this correct! Otherwise the robots will chuck you video right down to the bottom.


If you want your video to reach more audiences, start creating transcripts. Disabled individuals deserve to watch youtube’s content just as much as you and I, so make your content accessible to them. Not only will your content be more widely available, but you are also adding some good into the world by providing said individuals with quality content they can enjoy.


If you are uploading to youtube and not creating a thumbnail that’s eye candy to anyone who comes across it, then you are doing this all wrong. When was the last time you clicked on a video with a scruffy, misplaced image that looks like it was shot with a potato? Never right? I would recommend spending at least 10 minutes crafting together an awesome thumbnail, every time you upload. This means colours, awesome fonts etc. At the end of the day, you need to stand out from the other videos that are similar to yours. A 240p photo is not going to cut it unfortunately.


Don’t fight this battle alone. Other youtubers are struggling just as much as you are to rack in the large viewer counts. Start with people you know. Ask around your social circle if they own a youtube page, and start making videos together. Tell them that you can provide value to each other. You will bring exposure to their channel from your video, and you will benefit from the traffic formed from theirs. Once you have created videos with everyone in your current network, start networking with new people. Go to facebook, and join youtube collab groups in your area. If you are young, I don’t advise this and if you are older make sure you know the person is genuine before making a connection. If they are the holder to an account with many subscribers, you are in luck, because this means there are more potential people at your disposal.


Let’s create a hypothetical situation. Pretend one day you upload a video explaining how to bake the perfect bread stick. The video does fantastic and you hit 100,000 viewers, and your subscriber count reaches 5,000 from this video alone. Then imagine your next video is called “Free Running gone wrong!” You will see these 5,000 people drop by the second. Find a niche and stick to it. Your subscribers choose to subscribe because they want to see more of the same content, not a jumbled mess of random videos. The smaller the niche, the easier it becomes to get to the top of the search results. Competition is far lower!

The final word I have to say on this is BE PATIENT. Rome wasn’t built overnight, and the same applies for your youtube channel.

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