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I think it is safe to say Facebook is an absolutely huge asset to any company that utilises every service this mega-giant platform has to offer.

But is it the only place you should be focusing your marketing efforts?

Definitely not!

There are so many platforms that offer similar value to businesses, and with the growing popularity of video marketing, platforms such as youtube and snapchat may prove even more beneficial and cost-effective!

So lets begin…

Number 1 – YOUTUBE

Youtube sees around 150,000,000 unique users viewing the videos uploaded on their platform every single month! This figure is huuuuggeeee. So why is this beneficial to us? It’s simple really; we need to look at these figures as an opportunity to get in front of new audiences that may not be on facebook. In recent years it has become more and more apparent the younger generations are moving away from facebook, and migrating to the likes of instagram, youtube and snapchat.

The number of visitors isn’t the only perk however. Video is now on the top list of ways to consume content. Especially in how to videos, and explainers.

What are you waiting for? Youtube can be your big breakthrough!

Make as much video content as you can (making sure it’s fantastic quality!) then upload it to youtube with the relevant tags, so people can find your video easily.

One tip. Your video should relate to your industry. If you own a bakery, it probably isn’t the best idea to create a youtube channel and start reviewing your favourite bikes. You will see most engagement from videos on, for example:

– How to kneed the perfect baguette

– Why your making sandwiches wrong!

– Why seeded bread is the best for your diet

Make sense?

Number 2 – Instagram

I have no doubt that everybody reading this article uses, or at least has heard of Instagram. Not only is it now one of the largest social platforms, it is proving to be one of the most efficient ways companies are gaining traffic to their store/ website.

Start an account, turn it into a business profile, then start your journey.

What makes instagram so great is that you can see very detailed insights of your audience straight on the app!

Here are some things the app allows you to see:

– How many people saw your post

– How many people engaged in your post

– Which times are best for your content to see the highest reach

– Which location is seeing your content the most

– Which gender is most interested in your content

and so much more

With this power you can create incredible strategies to ensure you are making the most of the platform. If you are not already using Instagram as a way to promote your personal brand or business, you are failing! Don’t let the competition steal your customers, claim them for your own!

Number 3 – LINKDIN

This is very popular among the b2b companies looking to generate leads with established business owners. Using the sales navigator, you have access to great methods of prospecting and lead generation.

Moreover, you can use the app to build your social network!

Find people who are experts in your field, then send them a short message asking them to see if you can connect, as you feel you can bring value to one another. This method allows you to generate priceless advice from the people who have really experienced success!

Number 4 – SNAPCHAT

Snapchat is very very, and we mean very, popular amongst the millennial generation.

If you have products or services that are targeted towards people below their 30’s, you need to be on snapchat!

Snapchats main purpose is to send messages to friends and family in the form of a 10 seconds picture which you can place text over.

However they include features that prove very beneficial to businesses looking to generate traffic.

– Filters

– Lenses

– and Paid Adverts

are some of the tools they offer

Start posting engaging stories, with exclusive offers to your snapchat audience, to drive traffic to your landing pages. Once you have built a huge database of customers, you can start using it as a form of customer service. The private messaging feature allows you to speak to anyone that contacts your username. Use this as a form of replying to complaints, or reviews to increase your customer satisfaction.

There are 4 platforms to help you boost your digital marketing to the next level.

Don’t wait around, get involved before it becomes overcrowded!

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