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Did you make a new years resolution? For most of you the answer is probably yes…

Now let me ask another question

Have you kept that new years resolution? For most of you the answer to that one is probably the opposite to the first.

But don’t stress! It isn’t too late to start getting your life organised from today.

With these 6 goals you will feel 1,000,000 times more productive and will strut around feeling fit and full of knowledge.

So let us begin…


You are most likely thinking to yourself – “how in the hell am I gunna do that” or “where am I going to pluck up the time to run a business on top of work?”

Who said it had to be a full blown business?

There are so many people (teens especially) making an absolute killing, purely from flipping clothes on apps like depop!

It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, no 9-5 hours, just a simple method of bringing in a little extra income…

Here is a few examples you can have for free:

– Start a Drop shipping business

– Write courses then sell them

– Create a blog and sell ad space

– Start a youtube channel and receive ad money

There are a couple of examples from a huge list!

Stop putting it of – Start as soon as you have finished with this blog

Number 2 – WORK OUT FOR 1 HOUR + A DAY

This one really isn’t as hard as you think it is

There are 24 hours in the day – you can dedicate at least 1 of those hours to going and burning some calories

This doesn’t have to be at a gym, this can be anywhere:

– Your local fitness club

– Your local Fitness Park

– In your front room


Not only does it help your body function, but also allows you to clear your head from all the stresses of everyday life.

I personally love getting up at around 5 to go for a run. Nothing compares to the sense of achievement after every session. Meaning every single morning I walk into the office prepared for whatever wants to come my way!


Why has the world stopped reading?!

Oh wait I remember?! …. Everyone is always glued to their phones or the tv, so makes up the excuse that they “just don’t have the time to read”

Well let me set things straight!

You do have time to read, and you should be reading constantly to make sure your brain is constantly learning new things. If you’re not learning every day you are going to be stuck in the exact same position you are in today. Is that really what you want? If it is then fine, forget about this goal, but if it’s not… then this is a goal you really need to prioritise!


Okay so what I want you to do is have a quick look at your online banking account.

When you’re on it, have a look at where most of your money is leaking.

By leaking, I mean find out what is draining your bank account of money…

Now you have got the list of the top 5 things that are emptying your pockets, take a quick look at which one is most unnecessary to your daily survival

Next you have to undergo the hard part. For a whole month you have to stop all outgoings to this leach. For many of you, you will find this is on something such as going out for junk food, or regular cinema trips, or maybe too many trips to the designer clothing brands. Whatever it is, try and cut back.

It is nice to treat yourself don’t get me wrong. You must treat yourself once in a while. But is going to consume a big mac every other day really classed as a treat?